Winnipeg Fringe show handbill, featuring a cartoon brain in shoes laughing heartily. Text: Neurohilarity Exposed. Awkwardly brilliant standup comedy. Hosted by Carole Cunningham and featuring Adam Schwartz, Scott Koropas, Rollin Penner, Kaitlyn Brightnose, Danielle Kayahara
Neurohilarity - Rhiannon Archer (January)
Neurodiversity Variety Show (November 22)
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Founded by Adam Schwartz, Neurohilarity’s mandate is to create more positive representation of neurodiversity and to promote neurodiverse artists.

Neurohilarity runs regular comedy shows and other performances in its home base of Winnipeg and elsewhere across Canada, featuring incredible neurodiverse artists.

The Neurodiversity Arts Conference is a one-day event taking place April 15, 2023 in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Registration is now available and it’s pay what you can!

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